July 16, 2014


On July 3 2014 I had an MRI of my right knee. I had been having some problems with it for some time.I went to visit my primary doctor,and she explain the results of my MRI to me. She told me that I have a micro metallic object in my knee,which came from one of the three surgeries I had on my knee. I want to know what my options are and does this case fall under the discovery rule,because I just found out about the micro metallic object on July 10,2014. I believe there should be some kind of action take because of the object being in my knee for a number of years.


My colleagues gave excellent answers. Three surgeries on one knee suggests a serious problem with that knee. Were all three surgeries from the same event or did you have the second and third surgeries because previous results were not good? What concerns me about your potential case is whether the 'micro' metallic object actually caused your knee problems. Did your PCP say it was the cause of your problems? If it is, you may very well have a good case. You're entitled to a copy of your records, so a good start would be to request them and see if a local med mal attorney will consider your case. Best of luck.

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