Do I have a lawsuit case cause this could of been prevented had they did the stint like they were suppose to?

June 11, 2015


My mother was feeling very ill one day went to the hospital and found out she had heart disease and lots of blockage after many test were done and a 5/6 day stay she was sent too another hospital to have a stint placed when she got there they ran the same test and said she didn't need the stint and sent her home the same day 4 days later my mother died in the house from a heart attack


Having handled cardiac malpractice cases before, this looks to me like it could be a viable case. Obviously, the hospital records would have to be reviewed, but if she was transferred for the purpose of having surgery, and the surgery was not in fact done; but she was sent home and died 4 days later, something seems amiss here. A family member would need to be appointed to represent her estate. Also, if her treatment was in Public?Municipal hospitals, there's a strict Notice of Claim requirement, so time is of the essence.

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