January 12, 2015


So my son was born in Cooperstown ny October 7 2013. I went in October 6 due to I wasn't feeling good. They said my blood pressure was really high and they were going to.induce me. They put something inside me to thin my cervix around 10pm Oct. 6, around 12am Oct.7 my water broke. I got the epidural. Later that day. They came in around 3:30 pm saying they could give me more meds to make me dilate fast or a c-section but the doctor didn't really want to do a c-section. Well my husband and mother and I told them we wanted a c-section. They took me in and my husband went in with me and they did the c-section , they told my husband that the cord was wrapped around his neck but he was fine. Well July of 2014 we took my son to upstate er and found out he had a stroke at birth so he is


An umbilical cord around the baby's neck is quite common, and not always associated with fetal distress or injury. Obviously, being told there was a "stroke at birth" is very concerning. Fetal monitoring strips should indicate any distress. Clearly you'd need to obtain a copy of your chart, and the baby's natal records, and set up an appointment with a med mal attorney to explore the possibility that there was obstetrical malpractice in your son's birth. If your son was permanently injured, it would be significant case.

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