February 19, 2018


Sunday 02/17/18 went to my local storage place to get something for my baby birthday party. I took the stairs because the elevator was in the fourth floor and I just was going to the basement. This stairs use this movement lights so it was dark. I fell down and got injured. The lady who works in the storage filed an incident report. Because the pain it was so intense and I couldn’t move my right arm, neck and back I had to call the ambulance. The problem is that due to this terrific pain I don’t know when I can go back to work. I had therapy before in the right shoulder
but it didn’t help as much. The ambulance took me to the hospital ( Lincoln Hospital Bronx) and they did a few tests. Xray, MRI and gave me some pain medication. They found a little crack on one of the bone in the back under the neck. They told me it’s nothing serious, it will heal by its own. Xray on the shoulder found nothing but the pain was unbearable. After 12 hours at the hospital I decided to leave because they said it was nothing else to do than having me under observation for few more hours. I asked them 3 times to discharge and they said ok but they were taking forever.


If the Hospital gave you a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, make sure you set up that appointment. Gather your medical records and contact a personal injury lawyer - you may well have a case against the storage facility.

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