November 21, 2016


I had ambulatory surgery 11/17 before they released me post surgery, I stated to the nurse on staff that I was seeing gray and feeling dizzy. They gave me water and cookies and gave my mom 'vomit bags' then released me shirt after. Our cab was late and I felt warm liquid on the side of my leg, a pool of blood formed under the wheelchair while waiting. My mom got them to rush me back up where I told them my eyesight was again graying and my hearing was going. I started to crash bp was 52/25 and they discovered an abdominal hematoma. I heard a nurse get upset and say they shouldn't have released me in my condition. Ambulance took me to the hospital where I got emergency surgery and 2-3 blood transfusions. My veins were collapsing and I literally almost died because I my blood pressure was so low and I lost so much blood. Im unsure if i have a case and if so whose responsible the surgeon or the hospital or both? Im currently still in the hospital where I had the emergency surgery and am being released this monday 11/21. Figured I should find out before I leave.


You don't say what kind of surgery you had, but severe low blood pressure can indicate internal bleeding, and since they found an abdominal hematoma, you may have had a hemorrhage from the surgical site, which could be due to the surgeon's error. You should ask for a copy of your medical records and definitely have them reviewed by a med mal attorney asap.

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