February 17, 2015


I had knee replaced in Feb 2014, 2 weeks later during therapy my patella tore off had second surgery
Dr pricked his finger during surgery, got staph infection, had third surgery to clean out infection. had eight weeks of picc line, took me off medication, four days later had 103.7 fever, taken back to hospital to remove knee completely, put in antibiotic spacers and picc line again for 13 weeks. after 13 weeks the Doctors decided I could have my fifth surgery to put a new knee back in. First surgery was Feb 2014, last surgery was July 2014. Was out of work a total of seven months. went back to work Sept 2014.


Presumably the knee was bad enough to begin with that it needed replacement, and if the (replaced) knee is good now , so you have no issues with it. your damages may have been mitigated. Still, seven months out of work is a significant period. My advice would be to speak to a personal injury/med mal lawyer on Staten Island, especially if the procedures were done there.

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