Could I sue a dentist?

April 22, 2014


I recently had dental work done. Before the work was done my teeth were in good condition. All I went in for was a cleaning. The dentist x-rayed my mouth and went to work drilling on my teeth without telling me what was going on in my mouth. The anesthesia he gave me kept me numb for about 4 hours. Couldn't eat for a few weeks. Two months later my teeth are giving me pain an I still can hardly eat. One side is worst than the other. Help please.


Without knowing anything else about the treatment you received, it seems unlikely that anesthesia alone prevented you from eating for two weeks. If you think some damage was done to your mouth, consider getting a second opinion and have your x-rays sent to the new dentist for a before-and-after review. In order to have a case against the first dentist, he/she would have to have injured you by departing from good and accepted dental practice. The opinion of another dentist on this issue would be crucial.

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