October 14, 2014


I have filed a NF claim on 2/18/2014. I saw an Independent Medical Examination doc on 9/25/2014. He did not tell me anything after examination. GEICO sent me a notified letter dated on 10/7/2014 and postmarked on 10/08/2014, but the letter was not found in my mail box till 10/10/2014. Service termination date was 10/09 12:01 am. But I saw two medical providers on 10/9, without having received the letter in time. Are there any ways my medical treatments were still covered by no fault ins on 10/9? How should I take care of it? Should I contact the insurance medical adjuster myself in regards to the claim? My lawyer does not help with the n/f claims (except initial application). Thanks.


Unfortunately, in my experience a no fault so-called "independent" medical exam often is done by a doctor that consistently provides an opinion that no further treatment is necessary. This is, of course, just what the insurance company wants - not only does it give them the basis for denying further medical expenses, but it also discourages the further treatment needed for the patient to clear the "serious injury" threshold in a civil action. Most medical providers will continue to treat however, and claim a lien on the case and/or arbitrate the denial using their own lawyers. if they don't want to treat you further, find one who will. Best of luck.

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