September 29, 2017


Went in to be induced for labor at 41 weeks +3 days. Upon arrival I was informed by nursing staff that a midwife had reported a positive test result for ecstasy 2 days previous.
1- no drug screening was completed 2 days previously.
2- hospital staff then treated me as a criminal while refusing to release my son for 2 additional days after his birth.
3- myself and my son were both tested and negative test results were received 7 hours previous to the cps report being filed.
4- 2 days AFTER negative results were confirmed hospital still attempted to withhold my son.
5- literally missed the first 72 hours of my son's life due to constant harassment by multiple hospital personnel.
6- refused adequate medical care in an attempt to preserve sons urine and fecal screening.


If you are in Family Court proceedings with the ACS, there will be a fact-finding hearing to determine why the positive report was filed. if it was mistake, later caught, you're probably not in Family Court any more, and ACS has dropped the case against you. If they stand by their positive report (ecstacy may not be detectable after a certain amount of time, I don't know) , then you are looking at a court battle with ACS over the validity of the report. The filing midwife can be subpoenaed to this hearing and will explain why she made the report. You're going to need a lawyer, and if you can't afford one, you will be appointed a lawyer by the Court. Good luck.

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