Car injury timetable

December 5, 2016


Ok I'm coming up on a year since I was injured in a car accident , the most frustrated part has been the time it takes for my medical records to reach my lawyer , why does that take so long , I went for my final medical checkup and it's been 3 weeks and they haven't gotten that yet. I call for updates every once in awhile and there always waiting for some papers before they can go on, is this normal


Unfortunately, this is a frustrating part of assembling the records in many cases. Written requests for records can end up in a 'to do' list in a doctor's office, and in larger facilities, the copying is often "outsourced" to a company which counts the number of pages, then invoices, then processes the check, and only then forwards the records. it is often much faster for the patient (i.e. you) to personally ask for a copy of your records - which they are required to provide to you. You can then bring them into your lawyer's office. This speeds things up considerably.

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