May 27, 2014


to use the crutches the next day? I broke the ankle and fell 2 times while getting used to the crutches. Once on the stairs and one just walking slowly. The walking slowly one is when I broke my wrist in 4 places. thanks.


Assuming you weren't caused to trip and fall by any defect on the sidewalk or steps, it won't be an easy case - consider what a jury would think of this. Most likely, if the staff observed you using the crutches and you were fine, what kind of "instructions" do you expect them to give you? If you couldn't use the crutches, did you tell anyone? Did you ask for a wheelchair? Were there any instructions in your discharge papers? Were you taking painkillers at the time? (maybe the listed side-effects included dizziness). It's a tough sell, but maybe you can find a local lawyer to take the case. Good luck.

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