Can medical malpractice be successfully sued by a low rated non-malpractice attorney? Three avvo ratings?

January 29, 2015


On avvo, attorney does not do medical malpractice,neither has reviews, poor industry recognition,
but on phone he got interested. What real difference between lawyers who do just medical
malpractice vs non-medical? Can non- medical malpractice win as much as high rated medical
malpractice? Thank you.Can high rated medical malpractice attorney take a case, that doesn't seem huge?


I wouldn't base the decision on a website rating - some excellent trial attorneys I know don't even use a computer. I'm not even sure what "industry recognition" is supposed to mean. Not everyone wants to put an ad on tv or in the subway. With 8 years experience, I can tell you that a lawyer with zero experience handling a med mal case will definitely need to work with someone who knows the ropes.

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