May 19, 2014


I called several law offices for consultations, some paid and some not. I was assuming that if I go into share my case issues with an attorney for the possibility of hiring him/her, the information I share is kept within the confines of that consultation. Is this not the case? I'm wondering if my husband and I may at some pt reach out to the same attorney in which case, the information I bring up could inevitably be breached.


The attorney-client privilege exists to protect a client's secrets. There are exceptions (as mentioned). I would also add that you should alert whatever attorney you do disclose the facts of your case to about this concern that you have. If your husband then seeks out this attorney's advice on the same matter, the attorney may have a conflict of interest and then would be obligated to cite this privilege and decline to help him. This is really something to discuss with the attorney you're considering, rather than asking a hypothetical question in an online forum.

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