Can I sue the company of a driver who hit and totaled my legally parked car? It was a hit and run but I have vehicle info.

June 9, 2017


My car was legally parked and was hit by a tractor trailer flatbed. It was completely totaled. The driver left the scene of the accident but there was a bystander who took photos on the driver, truck and license plate (which is from a different state). Given that it was a tractor trailer and possibly a company truck, do I have any options? Thank you in advance for your guidance.


You were lucky someone had the awareness to take pictures. Is there a Police Report? (really, there should be) If you didn't call the cops, go to the local precinct with your photos, etc. Get a Police Report. Call your insurance company. They should be able to advise you. Since there's no injury here, it's a property damage claim, and your insurance company should handle it. If you don't have coverage, you might have to sue.

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