January 17, 2019


My 12 yr old son was assaulted by an adult and 911 was called. The police took 30 mins to arrive and my son was bleeding profusely from a head injury the entire time. My son and I waited approximately 30-45 more mins after they arrived for ems to arrive. Ems never showed up. I was then goi g to take him in a cab, to the ER. When I said that, the officer finally called his captain, to explain that ems did not come and then drove my son and I in the squad car. My son received 2 staples due to this injury.


Hopefully, your son will be alright. Two staples to close a scalp laceration suggests it was a minor injury. Apparently, no City employee caused that injury, but a third party did. Your question implies negligence on the part of the 911 dispatcher who may have had no ambulance available at the time, or decided to send police first, who could then assess the need for an ambulance at the scene. Only the transcripts will tell. There is a lot of work involved in bringing a case against a Municipality and it is very time-consuming and expensive. It all needs to be justified by the damages in the case. I don't see sufficient damages here, sorry.

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