November 30, 2017


One of the dentists did some work on my tooth that had a cavity. He performed a filling and after the first filling there was extreme pain and hypersensitivity. He then re-did the filling and there was still pain on the same tooth. He left the country for reasons that I am not aware of. (the dentists office notified me of this when I tried to make another appointment to see why this pain was still there) I then made the appointment to get the filling re-done a second time with a new dentist in the same office. There is still some slight pain and I'm sure it will only get worse with time. There was no pain what so ever before I had any work done by the initial dentist. I was told that there may be a crack in my tooth since the fillings seem to be so small that there'd be no other reason for there to be any pain. So now I am stuck with tooth pain possibly created by a dentist that has moved out of the country. I'm wondering if he was even a "good" dentist to start with. He may have been laid off for doing similar sub-par work to other clients for all I know.


Malpractice lawsuits are very lengthy, and costly endeavors. The costs of pursuing a lawsuit for malpractice would far outweigh the damages recoverable in a dental restoration. You would be better off going to a new dentist, in my opinion.

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