May 10, 2018


Can I sue if the Hospital my Mother was in didn't feed her or give her liquids to drink had her Dirty stinking Nasty had interns experimenting on her like she was a Lab Rat they keep giving her Dyalsis without my permission when I told them to stopped it they kept Harrassing me that my Mother was going to die calling me numerous times A Day while I was at work then when I had other Hospitals called them to do a Transfer they would lie & say she was too weak to transfer her to Another Hospital then they told me she was able to be Transferred only to A Nursing Home only I didn't want her in A Nursing Home I refused I hired A Ambulance service to transfer her to Another Hospital I also begged them to feed her intervenious they wouldn't they left her to die they kept giving her medicines and stabbing her with needles she was all bruised up too by the time I got her to the other Hospital where she died In A week


Everything done by the staff would have been ordered by your mother's Attending Physician. Hospital transfers are not done "on demand" if the patient is medically unstable. The Attending would have also made the decision that end of life care would be better provided in a hospice. You'd have to have her medical chart reviewed by another doctor (a "second opinion") to determine if there was anything improper. It's not something that can be answered in this forum. Sorry for your loss.

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