October 8, 2018


I purchase on Amazon it was delivered to my house hold on October 4th the stuff is called Diatomaceous earth food grade. I used it for fleas I noticed that night around 11 p.m. my one cat had problems breathing I took him to the vets that said he look like he had asthma nothing serious they cheating with steroids and oxygen and told me they couldn't keep him overnight because they don't have the staff I watched him suffer from that day I pick them back up the next morning I had an autopsy done on him and he was very healthy


Sorry for your loss, but as Mr. Rothstein correctly said, pets are treated in N.Y. law as objects, with replacement cost the only recoverable damages you can obtain in court. Consequently, the costs of bringing a lawsuit are prohibitive. As a non-legal recommendation, may I suggest you consider adopting a rescue cat, as you sound like a very caring owner.

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