Can I still sue over staff infection due to improper cleaning of ceserean.

May 5, 2014


In Sept of 2007 I went into labor.the anastegiologist who gave me a spinal.put it up to high and overdosed me.I went completely paralized.woke up with priest giving last saying goodbye.I was rushed into or.I'm not sure all of what happened next.I woke up that morning on Sept5th.I was released Sept Sept 10th.I was having siezure..not sure what kind.cold sweats.shivering was not was temp when arrived at the hospital was 106.7 . They ripped staples out and spread insicion open.I stayed ib hospital for the next month and half.wthout child.was debreeded several times.had a 3" by 9" skin removal.was on antibiotics from poison control.n then had a wound vac on after I was released for another month at home.wound packed in hospital 4to6 times daily.


Its hard to figure out what your question means, but I think you're saying you had a stillborn delivery in 2007. It's not clear what your allegations of malpractice are. In any event, the statute of limitations in New York for medical malpractice is 2 1/2 years from the date of malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment rendered by the party you intend to sue. Med mal cases are complex and require a lot of work and money by the attorney taking them, and now that you are about 4 years too late to file, I'm afraid you should let go of any thoughts of a lawsuit at this point. I wish you the best.

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