June 28, 2018


So i went in to the Hand surgeon for a problem for my wrist. MRI or X-XRAY did not pick up anything. When i went to him he told me what i can do is i Can do a debridement (cleaning) of your wrist with an arthroscope surgery. I didnt know this would mean removing the torn ligament parts and NOT repairing. When i went to ask him about this he said' the ligament wont grow back again' and he said theres nothing else i can do for you, and continue on Therapy. Ever since the surgery i feel worse. I cant even lift up a phone well and iam only 20 years old. I cant work well either because my job requires me to use my hands. He also told me i can still workout but that is obviously nonsense Because i really cant even lift up weight. When i went to the therapist that i go to he asked me to bring my medical records and to make him read it. I went to the Dr office paid $10 to get it but it was just notes like patient agrees for surgery, or patient still has pain in the wrist. I didnt want to read that. I wanted to read what exactly happened at the surgery but when i asked the Dr he said we dont give our surgery reports out. What can i do? No other hand surgeon wants to see me.


Did you suffer a hand injury that initially brought you to the hand surgeon? Arthroscopic debridement was done on a presumably torn ligament. Were you told it was inoperable? You're supposed to be given a copy of your records for free - charging you $10 for them was just strange... There also should be an Operative Report from the arthroscopic surgery. "We don't give out surgery reports" is a lie. Yes, you need a lawyer.

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