Are ins.cos. willing to settle pain and suffering settlement and pay medical bills without going to court ??

October 18, 2017


my wife and myself were at a outdoor party and when we were leaving my wife stepped off a concrete deck 18 inches high. the area was poorly lit and there was no railing where she stepped off. she suffered a concussion ; lost a tooth ; and broke her right wrist which required surgery to insert a metal plate and screws. the ins co of the party giver has offered to pay all medical bills . should I also ask what they can offer for pain and suffering ? ins co of party giver advised to not let me photograph scene of accidental injury of wife.


This sounds like a very nasty fall, with wrist surgery and metalwork. it's not a claim that should be handled without a lawyer. The fact that the premises owner says their insurance company told them to stop any photographs of the accident site is a big red flag! The ins. co. is already making moves to protect its bottom line.

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