March 12, 2018


I went to get blood work done for different tests to have for my job when I got hired. My doctor assigned a nurse and she decided, she would do my blood work. While doing it, My blood all of a sudden stopped flowing for her to collect, which has never happened before. My arm was hurting the entire time. After a while she switched from my right to my left arm claiming that I was so nervous it wouldn't go through. Meanwhile my arm bled more than it usually would when blood work gets done on me. She switched to the next arm & did it while my arm dripped some, and drops of blood got onto the floor after she took the needle out. Mind you I already feel like the needle was too large anyways. After that, my right arm had been bothering me all day. When I got ready to shower, when I took the band aids off of my arm, my left was fine, but my right arm had a huge spot of bleeding under my skin. Whenever I'd try and put my arm straight, it would hurt so much I'd cry, so I went to the ER. Trying to pick something up that night and following day was a no for me. It would hurt on the inside. You could feel the strain from where she ruptured my vein.


The nurse may not have employed the most gentle technique, but it is known that some people are harder to draw blood from than others - the term is a "hard stick". If you think you were permanently injured, see a vein specialist/vascular surgeon.

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