November 28, 2017


In a friend house her dog bit my child. Went to Dr next day as it wasn't bleeding but scraped and bruised.
Am I supposed to report. Not happy as friend just keeps saying she feels bad but doesnt know why dog bit which they only had one month. Dont think she feels that bad because she trying to figure if my kid did something which i know he didnt. I am not looking for compensation but what to do. He's been out of school for 2 days Dr appt and had to get prescription meds and ointment with bandage.


It's your choice. You could file a police report - and your friend could get a visit from Animal Control. For a compensation claim to succeed against your friend's homeowner's/renter's insurance (if they have it), in NY you need to establish the dog had 'a vicious propensity' that put the owner on notice it was a danger to others. Depending on the breed, that can be tough to prove. Ultimately, it all depends on how bad the injury is. I hope your boy heals fully. Good luck.

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