Accused of theft? Lawyer sent me a check twice with the second a mistake....


I was involved in an automobile accident and the case was successful. I had a check sent on from the lawyers but around 2 months later I received a check for the same amount. However, they have sent me a letter saying this was an accounting mistake. I have spent the money and cannot afford to give it back. They are now threatening me.

They are saying this is theft; however, I did not steal anything? They sent it to me and I deposited it. Please help.....I honestly presumed that the second check was part of the settlement.


So, you received your settlement, and then 'lo and behold', 2 months later, you get the same amount again. What did you think this was, manna from heaven? I can't believe it didn't cross your mind to at least call them to see what it was for.

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