April 21, 2014


i use to just attend his dentist office never i mean never asked any question i was like a brain washed robot sit in dental chair and listen and trust what he was doing this guy was really destroying my teeth.When i stop going to him i was left with drilled out molars and and 7 teeth. I was using medicaid at that time and i had most of my teeth. My teeth stop hurting after i stop going to the dentist. Many years later i realize he was causing all my so call dental problems. Medicaid would pay guys like him for each tooth he extracted or reported as a problem he made sure my teeth was a problem of course. Now its 2014 and i don't trust any dentist and i have drilled out molars and 7 teeth. He even left a tooth broke in the gum and now it emerged causing more discomfort.Just now found out the dentist that i went to retired a year ago.


Any lawsuit filed now would be dismissed because too much time has passed since you last treated with this dentist. The statute of limitations in New York for dental malpractice is 2 1/2 years from the date of malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment rendered by the party you intend to sue.

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